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Except our core business we serve also process industry applications such as steam supply systems, cooling and HVAC systems, evaporation and distillation plants, energy, etc. The list of our more significant objects includes:

  • Start up, construction retrofit and automation design of multiple evaporation plant for apple and sour cherry juice (2.5 m3/h juice inlet) in factory of Krichimfrukt – town of Krichim (2017/2018) - VIEW MORE
  • Design of steam cogeneration plant 18 MWe using waste process steam 45 bar, 425o C in paper mill Mondi – town of Stambolijski (2012) -  VIEW MORE
  • Design and solutions of HVAC system based on gas fired absorption chillers for 11 000 m2 space cooling and heating in hair dyes catalogues factory of Color Chart – Plovdiv (2018)
  • Design and solutions for cherry stones burning steam boiler 1.0 t/h and flue gas recovery system in cherry processing factory Agri Bulgaria (part of Ferrero) – village of Radinovo (2017/2018) - VIEW MORE
  • Design and solutions for steam supply pipeline for milk processing factory OMK – Plovdiv (2015)
  • Design and solutions for cooling system for plastics moulding machines in factory Moni MG – Plovdiv (2013)
  • Design and solutions for water heating systems for hot galvanizing of metal plates (Cr, Ni, Cu, Ag, Zn) in factory Moni MG – Plovdiv (2013)
  • Design and production of steam distillation unit with steam boiler for extraction of essential oils in factory of Emove Oils – village of Cheshnegirovo (2018) - VIEW MORE
  • Solutions for steam sterilization cooling of bulk herb and spices in tea factory Botanical – village of Cheshnegirovo (2012)
  • Design and production of direct heat-pumping system for waste water treatment 10 l/h inlet in University of Food Technologies (UFT) – Plovdiv (2014) - VIEW MORE
  • Design and production of hybrid solar panel and heat pump based cogeneration system for production of power and domestic hot water in Crane factory - Plovdiv (2013) - VIEW MORE
  • Design and solutions for increasing capacity of lavender distillery in village of Zetiovo (2017) - VIEW MORE
  • Design and solutions steam supply and condensate systems retrofit serving suspension vessels in pharmaceutical factory of Actavis/Teva – town of Troyan (2016)
  • Solutions for evaporation and drying of beer yeast waste in factory of Anes 96 – village of Caracovo (2017-2018)
  • Design and solutions for pressurized air systems 36 bar and 8 bar in mineral water bottling company Hisar Milenium – village of Staro Zelezare (2013)
  • Solutions for cooling system 600 kW total load in plastic formation factory of ITD in town of Saedinenie (2017)
  • Solutions for dry steam generation in beverage factory of Nova trade in in town of Saedinenie (2017)